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the finger of suspicion

if the finger of suspicion points or is pointed at sb, they are suspected of having committed a crime, being responsible for sth, etc.

get, pull, etc. your finger out (BrE, informal)

used to tell sb to start doing some work or making an effort
You're going to have to pull your finger out if you want to pass this exam

give sb the finger (AmE, informal)

to raise your middle finger in the air with the back part of your hand facing sb, done to be rude to sb or to show them that you are angry

have a finger in every pie (informal)

to be involved in a lot of different activities and have influence over them, especially when other people think that this is annoying

have your fingers in the till (BrE, informal)

to be stealing money from the place where you work

have / keep your finger on the pulse (of sth)

to always be aware of the most recent developments in a particular situation

lay a finger on sb

(usually used in negative sentences) to touch sb with the intention of hurting them physically
I never laid a finger on her. * If you lay a finger on me, I'll call the police

not put your finger on sth

to not be able to identify what is wrong or different about a particular situation
There was something odd about him but I couldn't put my finger on it

put / stick two fingers up at sb (BrE, informal)

to form the shape of a V with the two fingers nearest your thumb and raise your hand in the air with the back part of it facing sb, done to be rude to them or to show them that you are angry

work your fingers to the bone

to work very hard for a very long time

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