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Following table shows which word is typically used to refer to a group of People or Things of a particular kind

Actors A company/troupe of actors
Amateurs A bunch of amateurs
Bank notes A wad/roll of bank notes
Bullets A hail of bullets
Cakes A batch of cakes
Cards A pack/deck of cards
Eggs A clutch of eggs
Experts A team/panel of experts
Faces A sea of faces
Fighter planes A squadron of Fighter planes
Flowers A bunch/bouquet of flowers
Grapes A bunch/cluster of grapes
Keys A bunch of keys
Papers A sheaf/bundle of paper
Protests A spate of protests
Reporters A team/crowd/gaggle of reporters
Rumors A spate of rumors
Ships A fleet of ships
Steps A flight of steps
Terrorists A gang of terrorists
Thieves A gang/band/pack of thieves
Trees A clump of trees
Volunteers An army of volunteers
Tourists A party of tourists
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