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to land on one’s feet

to recover safely from an unpleasant or dangerous situation
• After a series of personal and professional difficulties, it’s amazing that Michael has landed on his feet so quickly

dish sth out

1. (informal) to give sth, often to a lot of people or in large amounts
Students dished out leaflets to passers-by. * She's always dishing out advice, even when you don't want it
2. to serve food onto plates for a meal
Can you dish out the potatoes please?

to get through to

to communicate with, to make someone understand (also: to break through to)
Some of the students in my reading class understand English so poorly that it is difficult to get through to them

to keep one’s word

to fulfill a promise, to be responsible
(An idiom with the opposite meaning is to break one’s word)

to be over one’s head

to be very busy, to have too much to do (also: to be up to one’s ears); to be beyond one’s ability to understand

to be a far cry from

to be very different from
I enjoyed visiting India, but it was a far cry from the ideal vacation spot I expected

by all means

certainly, definitely, naturally, using any possible way or method

to get out from under

to restore one’s financial security, to resolve a difficult financial obligation
After years of struggling to get ahead, the young couple finally got out from under their debts

to take the bull by the horns

to handle a difficult situation with determination

to give (someone) a hand (also: to lend someone a hand)

to assist, to aid, to help

to give (someone) a big hand

to clap one’s hands in applause, to applaud
After the talented new vocalist had sung her number, the audience gave her a big hand

to goof off

to waste time, to be idle
Some of the workers in our office always goof off when the boss is out

to talk back to

to answer in a rude manner, to speak disrespectfully
Billy, if you talk back to me like that once more, you’re going to spend the rest of the day in your room

dry run

rehearsal, practice session

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