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make sb sick

to make sb angry or disgusted:
His hyprocrisy makes me sick

(as) sick as a dog

feeling very ill; VOMITING a lot (informal)

(as) sick as a parrot

(BrE, humorous) very disappointed

sick at heart

(formal) very unhappy or disappointed

sick to your stomach

1. feeling very angry or worried
Nora turned sick to her stomach on hearing this news
2. (AmE) = feeling that you want to VOMIT

fall sick (also take sick)

(formal) to become ill
A week later he fell sick and died

call in sick

If you called in sick, you telephone to say that you will not be coming to work because you are ill

been off sick

If you have been off sick, you are away from work because you are ill

seasick * airsick * carsick * travel-sick

feeling sick (wanting to vomit) as a result of travelling on a ship, plane, etc:

sick of sb/sth | Sick of doing sth (informal)

bored with or annoyed about sth that has been happening for a long time, and wanting it to stop
I'm sick of the way you've treated me

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