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against time

if you do sth against time, you do it as fast as you can because you do not have much time:
They're working against time to try and get people out of the rubble alive

ahead of your time

having advanced or new ideas that other people use or copy later

behind the times

old-fashioned in your ideas, methods, etc.

all the time

throughout a specific period of time.

do time

to spend time in prison

time after time, time and (time) again

often; on many or all occasions

have a lot of time for sb/sth

to like and be interested in sb/sth

time flies

time passes very quickly.

time and a half

one and a half times the usual rate of pay

have the time of your life

to enjoy yourself very much

have time to kill

to have nothing to do or not be busy

(all) in good time

used to say that sth will be done or will happen at the appropriate time and not before

it's about / high time

used to say that you think sb should do sth soon

keep up / move with the times

to change and develop your ideas, way of working, etc. so that you do what is modern and what is expected

make good, etc. time

to complete a journey quickly

take time off

not to work for a period of time—a few minutes or a longer period.

be a good/bad time keeper

to be regularly on time/late for work

be (stuck) in a time warp

not having changed at all from a time in the past although everything else has

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