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work your fingers to the bone

to work very hard

work around to sth/sb

to gradually turn a conversation towards a particular topic, subject, etc
It was some time before he worked around to what he really wanted to say

work out

1. to train the body by physical exercise: I work out regularly to keep fit
2. to develop in a successful way: My first job didn't work out. * Things have worked out quite well for us

all in a day's work

part of your normal working life and not unusual

make short work of someone/something

to deal with someone or something quickly

work like a charm

to be immediately and completely successful

work your socks off

to work very hard

work hand in glove with someone/something

working closely with sb, especially in a secret and/or illegal way

(throw) a spanner in the works (BrE) (AmE (throw) a (monkey) wrench in the works)

(to cause) a delay or problem with sth that sb is planning or doing

work like a horse

work a lot, work very hard

work the room

move around the room trying to meet people who can help you in your career or business

(all) worked up (over something) and (all) worked up (about something)

excited and agitated about something

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

One should have recreation as well as work. (Proverb. Jack does not refer to anyone in particular. The phrase can be used for persons of either sex.)

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