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Complete each sentence by filling in the blank with the best word from the list. Change the form of the word if necessary. Use each word only once. When finished, click Check answers button to see your score. If you want to try again, click Start again button

LIST →  adjacent , hypocritically , notion , kin , photosynthesis , illiterate , abandon , medium , exalt , rate

1.Senator Bond, who often lied to Congress,    called the president a liar.
2.If someone dies without a will, the possessions usually go to the next of   
3.Farley was a poor,    boy from a remote area who later taught himself to read and write.
4.Television is a passive    because it demands no input from the viewer.
5.The rival politicians were raised in    counties.
6.The    of increase in prices made it difficult for people to afford basic goods.
7.When they heard the hull crack, all but two of the sailors    the ship.
8.The generation of American leaders known as "the Founders" are    by many scholars for their wisdom and courage.
9.Through    , green plants create organic materials with the help of chlorophyll.
10.After we saw the fancy car that the Jacobses bought, we gave up the    that they could not afford the basic things in life.
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