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Complete each sentence by filling in the blank with the best word from the list.Change the form of the word if necessary. Use each word only once. When finished, click Check answers button to see your score. If you want to try again, click Start again button

LIST →  inquiry, working class, structure, paradigm, manipulation, photosynthesis, convey, skit, precipitate, inaugurate

1.In the United States, many    families do not have health insurance because their employers don’t offer it.
2.The battle was successful, as judged by the prevailing    of that era.
3.The coastal city gets half of its    during the months of January, February, and March.
4.Through    , green plants create organic materials with the help of chlorophyll.
5.It is often difficult to    the meaning of a poem to a large audience.
6.If you build a    next to this river, you must be sure it is safe against floods.
7.Only one month after he was    , President Harrison fell sick and died.
8.The sixth-grade class put on a little    about Thanksgiving Day.
9.. Until we finish our    into the disappearance of the cash, all employees are suspects.
10.Even though it’s illegal,    of lawmakers by rich companies is common.
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