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Complete each sentence by filling in the blank with the best word from the list.Change the form of the word if necessary. Use each word only once. When finished, click Check answers button to see your score. If you want to try again, click Start again button

LIST →  poll ,implicate, source ,proximity , feasible , counter ,charisma, hedonistic, deify, nobility

1.Some monks criticized the well-fed, art-loving people of fifteenth century Florence for being   
2.Even if there is evidence, such as fingerprints, that might    someone in a crime, there might be other indications that the person is innocent.
3.Legally, parents have the same    of relationship to an adopted child as to their biological children.
4.Movie stars that are especially    often take advantage of their charm to go into politics.
5.Their predictions about the election results were not very accurate because they    too few people in advance.
6.She had no idea how they could    take a big vacation and remodel their house in the same year.
7.Traditionally, the Camerian society    its leaders, considering them to be sent from the land of the gods.
8.During the trial, the defense lawyer    each claim with an opposite charge.
9.France’s    was dismantled after the royal family was killed and lesser aristocrats were jailed during the revolution.
10.The    of the gossip was someone inside this office.
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