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Complete each sentence by filling in the blank with the best word from the list.Change the form of the word if necessary. Use each word only once. When finished, click Check answers button to see your score. If you want to try again, click Start again button

LIST →  prestige, arbitrary, fertilize, contemplate, surveillance, affluence, improvise, rebel, trigger, incline

1.In a show of his extreme    , Jim Lavich flew 1,500 people to the Bahamas for his wife’s birthday party and ordered 300 casks of wine for them to drink.
2.She knew she would always    to agree with what her mother said, so she struggled to remain unbiased.
3.Students felt that the exam was unfair and the grading system was rather   
4.Gena’s skills at    saved the play when she forgot her real lines.
5.During their    of O’Brien’s house, detectives audiotaped his phone conversations.
6.It’s natural for young people to    against society, but not with violence.
7.. A cigarette    the explosion.
8.The oldest and most respected furniture maker in western Michigan, VanEden Inc., earned its    by using good materials and listening to its customers.
9.The human resources department    whether they should let Mary go.
10.Inexperienced gardeners may not realize how important it is that they    their plants.
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